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Schools are educating an increasingly diverse student population. From students with disabilities to English Language Learners to transgender students, while facing accreditation and audits, school administrators’ jobs are becoming more complex.

Rest assured, Ferone Educational Consulting can help with customized, total school solutions for every population!

Are you a School Leader searching for ways to best serve your students with diverse needs?

Thriving Special
Needs Students

In this time of dwindling budgets, do you worry about serving all of your students with disabilities? Are you concerned that one out-of-district placement or lawsuit from a parent will bankrupt your already tight budget?  If you're a charter school leader, unresolved issues with special education could be the demise of your school. Ferone Educational Consulting brings decades of experience and expertise in special education law, training, and  program design to help develop cost-effective special education programming where all students can thrive!

Safe & Supportive School Culture

Do you struggle with maintaining a safe and supportive school culture, while trying to handle school discipline and reduce suspensions? The Southern Poverty Law Center reports increasing hate incidents in school, leaving administrators with complex situations to address, and school violence is an ongoing concern. Ferone Educational Consulting brings its expertise and experience in behavior management, restorative practices, and school safety to create a safe, supportive and positive school community.

Equity & Excellence in Education

School climate and student engagement are enhanced when students can express their full identities, be it gender, LGBTQA+, racial, ethnic, immigrant or other status. Even high-achieving schools may face an achievement gap, resulting in downgrading of school status. Schools that encourage and empower students to channel ideas into positive action see higher student achievement. Ferone Educational Consulting can help your school be one of fairness and inclusion through a customized plan using your existing schedule and structures, as well as making sure your accreditation and audits run smoothly!

 Social Emotional  Success

Depression among students, particularly females, has grown at an alarming rate with a concurrent increase in psychiatric hospitalizations. Do you struggle with serving the needs of this vulnerable population and assisting with the transition back to school after hospitalizations? Do you face behavioral challenges with students? Ferone Educational Consulting brings its expertise in behavioral, social emotional, and mental health issues to ensure all students’ therapeutic and academic needs are met using trauma-informed approach.

FEC In The News
You Can Do Well In School, Even If You’re Depressed

Students with mental illness have a higher dropout rate than any other disability group. But some high schools are finally helping to change that.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

March 3, 2017

New Instructions at High Schools: Take a Nap

Educators see short breaks as a way to boost the performance of teens who aren’t sleeping nearly enough.


Wall Street Journal

February 8, 2017

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         Janet is intelligent and powerful -- an amazing administrator who was successful with the most difficult students, and an exceptional writer and communicator.


          Ms. Ferone demonstrated commitment to student achievement, respect of all students and is a culturally sensitive educator... I counted on her insights, advice and follow through in

facing countless issue...Ms. Ferone started our Special Education department...setting policies and practices which have resulted in numerous national awards for our school. 


          NECEL was an organization to empower women leaders in education, but when Janet became president, we finally reached our goals.


          Janet provided students with a much-needed voice, systematically strategizing the means to ensure success for even the most challenging students. She created an environment that allowed both students and staff to thrive.



— Stephen Grace, Sr. Former Asst. Headmaster, Boston Public Schools


— Meg Campbell, Founder, Chief of Strategy & Innovation, Codman Academy Charter Public School

— Lorraine Greenfield, Director, Curriculum & Instruction, Lesley University


Ted Curley, teacher, Boston Public Schools


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