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Total School Solutions

Ferone Educational Consulting offers customized solutions for individual schools or districts by working with district leaders, principals, school-based teams to provide technical support, program design, inspections, accreditation,  professional development, and coaching.
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We make school a place where students want to be, not just where they have to be.

Special Education and English Language Learners

  • Compliance: We evaluate your existing systems and transform them to be in compliance with regulations under IDEA and SEI/ESL guidelines, while helping students thrive.

  • Program Design: We evaluate your current programming for special needs students and assist in designing effective programs, including continuum of services from full inclusion to substantially separate in all disability areas.

  • Staff Development: We offer large and small group training with opportunities for small group and individual coaching in special education and ELL best practices.

  • Transitional planning: Beginning at age 14, schools are charged with developing transitional plans for graduating and/or students turning 22 years old. We review your existing process and help parents and compliance positive outcomes for students, including transitions to college, training programs and employment.


Charter Schools Special Education and English Language Learners

Charter schools’ designation as an LEA presents unique challenges, with charters historically experiencing difficulties with serving special education students in compliance with regulations. All the above services are offered, customized to meet the unique needs of charter schools.

Equity Issues and Social Justice Programming

School climate and student engagement are enhanced when students can express their full identities -- be it gender, LGBTQA+, racial, ethnic, immigrant or other status. Even high-achieving schools may face an achievement gap, where sub-groups score lower on standardized tests, have a higher drop-out rate, resulting in downgrading of school status. Schools that encourage and empower students to channel ideas into positive action see higher student achievement.

  • Social Justice Programming

We can transform your existing Advisory model to focus on social justice issues , empowering students through Community Action Seminars and student leadership.

  • Professional Development

School staff may want to be fair and equitable to all students, but may not have the awareness of hidden bias and cultural competencies. We offer interactive trainings and coaching to tackle the tough issues and bring a shared awareness.

We specialize in working with urban district, charter, and independent middle and high schools.

Currently booking for  virtual training and consulting for school year 2020-2021, with options for on-site.

Social Emotional Supports

We work with your school-based student support teams to develop structures to support students with mental health issues, both long-term programming and short term transitions for students returning from psychiatric hospitalizations. We offer full program design for students with emotional issues, including acting-out behavioral challenges as well as more inward depression, anxiety and suicidiality issues.

  • Professional Development

~ Large and small group presentations, small group and individual coaching

  • Program design

~ Full inclusion to substantially separate programming for students on IEPs

~ School-wide mental health supports for general and special education students


Safe and Supportive School Culture

We work with school-based teams and staff to address your school’s unique needs, collaboratively designing safety plans and school culture, including discipline, behavior management, and student engagement and motivation. We work with your team to increase positive behaviors and school culture moving to a practical system that educates students on appropriate behaviors instead of just punishing, and follows restorative justice principles.


Accreditation, Inspections, CPR Audits

Ferone Educational Consulting can provide technical support for all schools going through the accreditation process, Coordinated Program Review audits, or other inspection and evaluation. We are skilled in data collection, analysis, written reporting, through all phases of the process.


Staff Training

Ferone Educational Consulting can train staff on many topics, including the following modules from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education:

  • Module One: Massachusetts IEP Process

  • Module Two: A Principal's Role and Special Education in Massachusetts

  • Module Three: Transition From Adolescence Into Adulthood in Massachusetts

  • Module Four: The Transition Planning Process

  • Module Five: Specific Learning Disabilities: Eligibility Determination under IDEA

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